Joint Pain? Relief is Here!

  • Joints – without them we’d be stick men.  And with arthritis, injuries, or even just wear and tear of constant use, it’s easy to start feeling like a stick man, and one that hurts.


Don’t Manage Pain – Heal It with Homeopathy

  • Pain relief without drugs, invasive treatments and their side effects is the hope of millions who suffer with chronic pain – and with the Houston Homeopathy Method drug-free, non-invasive pain relief without side effects can be a reality.


Is Pain Slowing You Down? Get Up to Speed with Homeopathy

  • Because of the focus on causation of  health problems, The Houston Homeopathy Method is adept at helping pain – all sorts of pain, chronic and acute, joint, muscle, gut, sinus, etc.


Calming the 2 AM Cry

  • There are a few tried and true homeopathic remedies that stand strong on the front lines for earaches and inflammation.


Aggressive, Oppositional Kids? 

  • While psychiatry and psychology can offer drug and behavioral help, what do you do when they don’t work at all, or stop working?


Chronic Muscle Pain and Inflammation

  • Generalized and localized chronic pain affects millions of people for many reasons.  Chronic inflammation is at the basis of most pain that is unrelated to a current injury or surgical trauma, but what causes the inflammation in the first place?


Fixing Fibromyalgia

  • A few years ago, no one knew what fibromyalgia was, but today it has become a very commonplace diagnosis and a very difficult one to live with.


Guts Are Us!

  • Many people do not realize how important the GI tract (gut) is to our overall health.


Injuries Heal Faster, Deeper with Homeopathic Remedies

  • Using homeopathic remedies for an acute injury from an accident, such as our HCH Joint and Muscle Pain Formula, or the HCA First Aid Ointment can quickly act to promote fast healing, reduce inflammation and pain levels.

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